How to Create a Homework Station or Homeschool Area in Small Spaces

Create Homeschool Area in Small Spaces

Last Spring I got fed up. Getting my tired 6 year old to do his homework after a long, stressful day at school was one thing, finding a place for him to do his homework was another thing. I couldn’t have him do it at the kitchen table because homework time usually ran into dinner time when I… [read more]

Display Your Kids Art with this DIY Kids Art Wall

Art for Kids Art wall

My kids are at that age when they are bringing home oodles of hand drawn masterpieces from school and creating oodles more works of art here at home.  And, if you have children then you know, hell hath no furry like your child catching you throwing anything away…ever. So I devised a cute Kids Art Wall!  Thus… [read more]

How to build a DIY Kids Climbing Wall!

DIY Kids Climbing Wall, Indoor Climbing Wall Instructions

Today’s awesome DIY is brought to you by The Husband! Our middle son enjoying his DIY Kids Climbing Wall! Imagine a world where children spend summer days outside climbing trees, digging holes, chasing animals, and running races.  The children of this world turn to their imaginations for entertainment and learn to navigate social impasses without… [read more]

Easy DIY Swing Set Canopy Replacement

DIY swing set canopy

The last storm we had took our swing set canopy from shading canopy to shreds.  This prompted a little brainstorm session from me.  I’m too cheap to pay $45 or more to a swing set canopy replacement so what did I do?  I made my own…out of Duck Tape.  We’ll see how long it holds… [read more]

Unique and Memorable Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

DIY Mosiac Garden Balls - Handmade Mother's Day Gift

It seems like I’ve gotten in a rut with my Mother’s Day gifts as of late. Handmade Mothers Day gifts are always a hit, but one can only have so many popsicle stick picture frames, you know what I mean? With Mother’s Day just one week away I went to the all knowing Pinterest to… [read more]

Candy Decorated Christmas Trees – Egg Allergy Friendly

candy tree banner

Finding holiday treats for kids with egg allergies can be a challenge.  For the last few years all I have wanted to do is decorate gingerbread houses with my kids.  But since they have egg allergies I never attempted it…until last year.  We were invited to our friends house to build gingerbread houses. My friend said… [read more]

Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar

Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar

Holiday crafts are fun, but they can get kind of expensive considering you’re also likely close to braking the bank with gift shopping this month.  That is why I love this low to no cost Upcycled DIY Advent Calendar!  Not to mention it is totally cute and your kids will love punching through the paper… [read more]

VioVio Photo Book Printing Review and Giveaway

  Back in the day before I had my first baby I actually worked for a scrapbook company.  I worked in their accounting department but I was able to see all the new projects they were working on, and I may have become a “little” obsessed with scrapbooking! But after my baby was born I didn’t have… [read more]

Valentine’s Day Door Wreath – #DIY #Craft


  Do you remember the Halloween door wreath I made back in October?  Well I had so much fun with it that I wanted to try and make a Valentines Day wreath just like it!  But this time instead of using burlap I found some really cute tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby so I… [read more]

Teach your family to Give Thanks. Thankful Tree #DIY #Craft


I came across this idea on pinterest several weeks ago.  I knew this was something I wanted to do with my family for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Each night we will take turns thinking of something we are thankful for.  We’ll then write that thing on a thankful tag and hang it on… [read more]

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

Source: Bridgman

Super inexpensive Lightsaber Toy DIY


For the past month there has been one toy that has gotten far more playing time than any other toy (perhaps more than all the other toys combined).  If you have little boys you’re definitely going to want to tune in for this super easy DIY. With the coming of Summer, stores have begun stocking… [read more]