Disney’s BIG HERO 6 movie – review


Disclosure: I was provided tickets to an advanced screening at no cost to myself for review purposes.   From Walt Disney Animation Studios, the team behind “Frozen” and “Wreck-It Ralph,” comes “Big Hero 6,” an original action-comedy-adventure about a robotics prodigy and a plus-sized inflatable robot, who develop a special bond on a quest to… [read more]

Create Some Fun with DIY Candy Necklaces


Now this activity may not be suitable for everyone.  It may result in hyper kids bouncing off the walls but it may also result in tons of fun, giggling, crazy, wild entertainment and fun memories for you and your cute little kiddos.   And before I begin I have to admit that I am one that limits… [read more]

Disney Pixar Planes opens Friday – Review


Disclosure: I was provided tickets to an advanced screening at no cost to myself for review purposes.   Has everyone heard of the new Disney movie called Planes?  Well if not it is a new animated movie from the creators of Cars.  It features a crop duster plane named Dusty and his adventures as he achieves… [read more]

Oh So Savvy Dads Top 5 Ways to Kick Off Fathers Day Weekend + Get your hands on pre-screening tickets to Man of Steel!

Disclosure: I’m so excited for the opportunity to share this insider news about the Man of Steel movie premier as part of this sponsored campaign from Warner Bros. Father’s Day is coming (signal that not so happy sinking feeling I get in my stomach when I haven’t ever started thinking about what I’m going to do for my husband)!… [read more]

Girls Love Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings Dolls by JAKKS Pacific! Review

Disney Fairies SOTW Friendship Forever

Did everybody see the new Disney Fairies Tinkerbell movie that was released earlier this week?  Well if not it is called Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings and it stars Tinkerbell and a new fairy named Periwinkle. In Tink’s latest adventure, she visits the forbidden and mysterious Winter Woods where her wings begin to magically sparkle…. [read more]

Help Coca-Cola Support the USO and Win a trip to the DAYTONA 500! + Coca-Cola Gift Basket Giveaway!

Coca-Cola Carmike NASCAR Gift Basket

Are you a NASCAR fan?  How about a Coca-Cola fan?  Fan of going to the movies? How about a fan of supporting our troops and their families through the help of the USO? This month Coca-Cola has teamed up with Carmike Cinemas and NASCAR to offer fans the opportunity to purchase Coca-Cola Racing Family collectible cups exclusively at Carmike… [read more]

What are you doing tonight? How about a Hunger Games release party!!!


So I admit I had a great prejudice against the Hunger Games books.  How could anyone enjoy reading books about teenagers pitted against one another in a battle to the death? Then, at the insistence of The Husband, I saw the movie.  The movie blew me away.  I was so impressed by the story line… [read more]

“Fergus Shares a Legend” – Check out the new teaser from Disney’s Brave


I’m so excited for this to come to theaters!  Just one more month! “Like” BRAVE on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PixarBrave  BRAVE arrives in theaters everywhere on June 22nd!

It is so funny it almost Kilt me!

Sorry, I just had to get that pun in. My husband and I thought the new Brave piece was hilarious! What did you think?

Does Marvel’s The Avengers really live up to the hype? #TheAvengers


Yes!!!  My husband, a super hero genre lover and very intelligent viewer of action flicks, and I absolutely loved it.  My husband was so giddy about how awesome the movie was that the first thing he did when we got out of the movie was call his brother in Houston and brag about how amazing… [read more]

Be one of the first to see the making of Disney’s Chimpanzee!

Sitting in the theater watching Disneynature’s Chimpanzee I was completely awed and intrigued by what the film crew must have gone through to get the amazing shots and film the beautiful story that they did. Be one of the first to see a bit about how Disneynature’s Chimpanzee was filmed.

Disneynature’s Chimpanzee -Review- This is a movie you’ll definitely want to take your kids to! #MeetOscar

CHIMPANZEE one sheet

Planet Earth meets the Disney Channel.  Though my kids love the Planet Earth series, they can typically only sit through about 20 minutes before they become bored and leave the room.  On Tuesday I took my 4 year old and my young 2 year old (by myself, mind you) to see the new Disneynature movie,… [read more]

It’s like Netflix for Exercise! You gotta check Gaiam TV!


When you’re a mom, a regular exercise routine has got to be one of the most difficult things to establish.  It’s been about 3 and a half weeks since I started my exercise routine.  I LOVE it!  I found a routine that fits into my schedule as a mom and allows me to spend time… [read more]

Strawberry Shortcake DVDs – Giveaway


New to DVD coming on March 6th Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Brick Road and Strawberry Shortcake: Bloomin’ Berry Garden Strawberry Shortcake is back just in time for Spring and is so sweet you will need two helpings!  Touching the hearts of children for decades, this wildly successful franchise is back with two more magical tales, Strawberry Shortcake:… [read more]