Join me at Thanksgiving Point for the Really Big Cooking Show! Spring Edition! – #Utah

Does anyone remember “The Really Big Cooking Show” I went to back in November at Thanksgiving Point?  Well, it was an event that featured cooking demonstrations, recipes, other culinary helps and giveaways.  They had vendor booths featuring food, jewelry, kitchen products and more!  I had so much fun that I just had to go again when I found… [read more]

Valentines Day Popcorn Balls #Recipe


For Christmas this year I received a popcorn popper and I was so excited.  We have been married for over 7 years and have never owned one!  I am always pining recipes that use popcorn and I can never make them, that is until now!  So I was very excited to try out a new recipe… [read more]

Valentine’s Day Door Wreath – #DIY #Craft


  Do you remember the Halloween door wreath I made back in October?  Well I had so much fun with it that I wanted to try and make a Valentines Day wreath just like it!  But this time instead of using burlap I found some really cute tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby so I… [read more]

15 Fun Family Holiday Traditions!


During the holiday season it is so easy to get caught up in all that is commercial about Christmas.  Shopping, buying gifts, receiving gifts, the rush to get the Christmas cards out in time.  In the scope of our lives what will matter is the time we spent, the fun we had, and the memories… [read more]

Gelarti #SavvyGiftGuide Review and Giveaway

  Do you have an artist in the family?  Or someone who loves to create things?  Well my 5 year old daughter LOVES to make, create and decorate.  Anything to do with arts and crafts will keep her busy for hours.  So when I came across Gelarti I had to find out more! Gelarti is… [read more]

Homemade Apple Pie Caramel Apples #Recipe

A couple of months ago while enjoying a nice girls weekend my daughter and I stopped to get a caramel apple while doing some shopping. My daughter had never had one before and needless to say she is absolutely obsessed with them now! So my sister and I thought it would be fun to make… [read more]

I’m going to the Really Big Cooking Show! – #Utah

On Saturday November 3rd I get to go check out “The Really Big Cooking Show” at Thanksgiving Point. This event will feature cooking demonstrations, recipes, other culinary helps and giveaways.  They have vendor booths featuring The Chocolate, Pampered Chef, Brown Brothers Catering, Slide Ridge, Sweet Salt Clothing, Tupperware, Pantry Secrets, Cook’n, and more!   Classes will… [read more]

Crafting With Kids! Popsicle Stick Puppets


The boys have really gotten into crafting lately.  Just about everyday when asked what they want to do, one of them inevitably yells, “Let’s make crafts!” Since my boys are 5 and 2 I often have to wrack my brains for something that both of them can do without too much assistance.  I always sit… [read more]

Scat the Cat – Color Learning Game

scat the cat

My in-laws have a cabin up the mountains here in Utah that we like to get away to occasionally through out the year.  The last time we were up there one of my sister-in-laws was playing a cute game with her toddler.  It was called Scat the Cat and it was a very simply homemade game that… [read more]

Can I please just take a shower in peace?!

mom shower

Ah, the mom shower. Mom Shower noun. The 5 minutes a mother spends in the morning (or afternoon) frantically try to clean herself, daring to leave her children alone, and hoping that during that 5 minutes they don’t burn down the house or kill each other. Not exactly the most relaxing part of my day…. [read more]

Get Kids Excited for Bath Time! Glow In The Dark Bath!


My pediatrician sends out a monthly newsletter that I receive each month. As I was reading through last months email it had some cute ideas of activities that you could do with your kids. One of them that I really wanted to try. It was a glow in the dark bath. This is a really… [read more]

Your Little Princess will love these Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas!

Little Mermaid birthday party

Last year we went to Disneyland and over at California Adventure they have a cute new Little Mermaid ride.  Ever since then, all my daughter can talk about is wanting to have a Little Mermaid birthday party for her 5th birthday.  I searched around and come up with a few fun ideas for a Little Mermaid… [read more]

Easy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream


When we got married 7 years ago I had a few bridal showers with family and friends. At one of my showers a couple of my cousins gave us an ice cream maker and some recipes to go along with it. Now would you believe that in 7 years of marriage we never made homemade… [read more]

20 fun ideas to keep kids happy and active during the summer


As it starts to warm up my kids are just dying to get outside as soon as they wake up each morning.  My little two year old is pretty funny when I tell him he has to get dressed first.  If he had his way he would be out there in his pajama’s with his… [read more]