Create Some Fun with DIY Candy Necklaces

Now this activity may not be suitable for everyone.  It may result in hyper kids bouncing off the walls but it may also result in tons of fun, giggling, crazy, wild entertainment and fun memories for you and your cute little kiddos.   And before I begin I have to admit that I am one that limits… [read more]

Bringing the outdoor barbeque indoors! Oven Baked Pork Back Ribs Recipe #HormelFamily

Disclosure: As a Hormel Extended Family Blogger. I occasionally receive coupons and products to aid in my posts and recipes.  All content is my own. It’s hot outside…almost too hot.  And it is humid…waaaay too humid.  *Sigh* Louisiana… Unless I’m at the pool, this Southern California girl tries to stay indoors as much as possible… [read more]

Crowd Pleasing Applesauce Cookies – Recipe

Do you guys have a go-to cookie recipe?  Well this has become my go-to cookie recipe lately.  It is a yummy, moist and crowd pleasing recipe.   And it makes a lot of cookies so if you’re not taking them to a social get together then I suggest half-ing the recipe because if you don’t you will end… [read more]

Chicken Margherita Pasta Recipe with Tyson® Grilled and Ready® Chicken

Disclosure: I received the follow products for review purposes at no cost to myself. No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions and thoughts are my own. I love food that is yummy, but I also love food that is quick and easy to make.  I think that I’m not the only one who feels this… [read more]

The kids will love these antioxidant packed Fresh Berry Popsicles #Recipe

A few weeks ago we took the kids berry picking at Blueberry Hill farm here in Louisiana.  Since then we’ve been experimenting, making lots of yummy treats with the 11 lbs of berries we picked. One of our great successes was our fresh berry popsicles!  They may not look like much, but they are loaded… [read more]

Gluten Free Southern Style BBQ Lettuce Wraps #HormelFamily

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve recently gone gluten-free.  My husband and both my boys are sensitive to the stuff so we finally decided to leave it behind.   Since then I’ve gotten creative with making some of our previous favorite meals gluten free.  In most cases this simply means finding a substitute for bread. 🙂… [read more]

Double the amount of vegetables you eat with this Classic Stir Fry #Recipe #HormelFamily

We’ve recently revamped the way our family eats.  I’ve always thought we were relatively healthy, but together my husband and I decided we needed to take our approach to healthy eating a step further.  We’ve almost totally eliminated refined sugars, gluten (my husband and my boys all have problems with gluten), and have doubled the… [read more]

Get Smart and Saucy with Subway + Giveaway

My family and I try to eat healthy, but there are times when you just need a meal–fast.  I pretty much loathe fast food burgers.  They taste less than great and they make me feel nasty afterwards.  I’ll take a loaded hoagie over a “burg” any day.  It has been several years since I met… [read more]

Comfort Food Recipes by Hungry Girl and Tyson® Grilled & Ready® Chicken – Review

I have a weakness, and it is called food. I just simply love it. And one of the biggest things that I love is pizza. I love to order a pizza, I love to make homemade pizza and yes I even love a cardboard frozen pizza. But as I have learned the hard way it… [read more]

Have you done your Easter dinner shopping yet? Shopping Tips and Recipe Ideas! #HormelFamily

Disclosure: I am a Hormel Extended Family blogger. As a HEF blogger I receive promotional items on occasion, no other compensation is provided. Easter dinner!  I love the chaos that ensues when family gathers, the din of little cousins enjoying one another’s company (aka: running amok).   This weekend we’re headed to Texas to celebrate… [read more]

Mini Chicken Taquitos with Avocado Dipping Sauce – Perfect Snack for March Madness!

Now that your basketball brackets are all filled out and March Madness is in full swing what better way is there to watch all the fun basketball games than to enjoy them with some yummy food!  If any of you are having guests over for a big game or just sitting around the house with your spouse and… [read more]

Indulge without guilt! Whole Fruit Sorbet – Review

Have you ever sat down and eaten an entire pint of ice cream?  Well just this week my husband and I sat down to try out the new frozen dessert from Whole Fruit Sorbet and finished off a whole pint between the two of us!  I couldn’t believe it!  But once we opened the Mango Sorbet… [read more]

How do you dress a spud? Delicious ideas for your favorite tuberous stem!

What do you think of that title?  Sounds appetizing, eh?  Yes, the potato is indeed a “tuberous stem”–a part of the nightshade family, actually. Did you know February is Idaho Potato Lovers month?  I get a kick out of all the special food days and months there are in the year.  National Ice Cream day,… [read more]

Join me at Thanksgiving Point for the Really Big Cooking Show! Spring Edition! – #Utah

Does anyone remember “The Really Big Cooking Show” I went to back in November at Thanksgiving Point?  Well, it was an event that featured cooking demonstrations, recipes, other culinary helps and giveaways.  They had vendor booths featuring food, jewelry, kitchen products and more!  I had so much fun that I just had to go again when I found… [read more]