SodaStream – Review

With it being so hot outside this summer sometimes I like to kick back with a cold drink. I love the flavored waters after I exercise but sometimes all I really want is an ice cold diet cola. But with the price of everything going up I feel like buying a 12 pack of soda… [read more]

What is your favorite Summertime Indulgence? + Subway Gift Card Giveaway!


I love Summer!  It is hands down my favorite season.  Despite the morning sickness I’ve managed to have some great adventures already this summer. I’ve done a bit of traveling (my little sis got married in San Diego last weekend!), visited the beach, played tourist, taken my kids to the pool several times, and enjoyed… [read more]

Apple Rolo Salad

This is by far my favorite salad ever!  It originally was made with snickers candy bars but since my kids are allergic to peanuts and eggs we have substituted it with Rolo’s and I think either combination is delicious! Here is everything you need to make the salad 6 large Granny Smith Apples 1 Cool… [read more]

Easy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream


When we got married 7 years ago I had a few bridal showers with family and friends. At one of my showers a couple of my cousins gave us an ice cream maker and some recipes to go along with it. Now would you believe that in 7 years of marriage we never made homemade… [read more]

The Un-barbeque! Sweet ‘n Tangy Pulled Pork Tacos #Recipe #HormelFamily


As the month draws to a close I just want to remind you all that May is National Barbeque Month.  For my family that means, well, we don’t currently have a grill so it doesn’t mean much as far as having an outdoor barbeque goes.  But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy a delicious… [read more]

Help Dad balance out his health with Balance Bar Bare- Review and GivAway!


Have you noticed a theme in most of my posts lately?  My husband and I have been talking a lot about the importance of being healthy: eating right and exercising.  Just as it is difficult for moms with their busy schedules, and demanding roles to eat right and exercise regularly, it can be difficult for… [read more]

Sometimes you just need to take a break and have a Biscotti Moment

Nonni's biscotti

There are certain things and times of day that I look forward to every day–food, food, food and meal time.  Breakfast time at our house is the same day in and day out.  Cold cereal with milk.  I’m not a breakfast maker; I can’t handle standing for long periods of time in the morning.  So,… [read more]

Help keep your dinner time portions in control with Yum Yum 9 inch Portion Control Plates – Review and Giveaway!

Did you know that a typical dinner plate is 11″-13″? I sure didn’t.  And with a plate being that big it makes it so much easier to load it up and eat way more than you should during your meals. So at Yum Yum  Dishes they have designed a 9 inch dinner plate to help keep correctly sized portion’s.   … [read more]

35 Healthy Snack Food Options

Why is it that everytime you are trying to lose weight or just trying to eat healthier you seem to always be hungry or craving chocolate?  Well that always seems to be my problem!  So I looked around and came up with some healthy alternatives for when I’m really hungry or just need a little… [read more]

Peter Rabbit Organics: Review and Giveaway!

We first tried out Peter Rabbit Organic food pouches last year and we loved them!  They are fruit and veggie packets and they are all 100% organic, 100% healthy and 100 % delicious!  They come in very easy to use squeeze packets and are very convenient and portable for on the go.  No spoon required!  Inspired by customer… [read more]

The Looneyspoons Collection cookbook + Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe


Mmm…I love a good Jamaican Jerk Chicken! Who doesn’t? But before we get into that I want to introduce you to an awesome cookbook chock full of savory and healthful recipes! The Looneyspoons Collection is jam-packed (as in “loaded”…not as in “full of jam”) with Greta’s amazing recipes (wait until you try her gluten-free brownies!) and… [read more]

An Energy Bar that helps you feel great and your skin look great! Nimble Bar Review and GivAway!

Nimble Mothers Day Gift 5

Ahh, life just seems to keep getting busier and busier.  Isn’t that the way?  Whether you’re a mom or a working woman it seems that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  Unfortunately, all too often it is the essentials, like meals that fall victim to the tight schedule.  Whether… [read more]

Kettle Cuisine All-Natural, #GlutenFree Soups- Review and Giveaway!


Let’s just face it, by the time lunch time rolls around and I’ve got Big Brother off to school and Little Brother down for a nap, the last thing I want to do is make myself an elaborate lunch.  Even a simple lunch often requires more effort than I want to put in.  Between the… [read more]

Get ready for National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!


This Thursday is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!  I know, I know, it seems like there is a holiday for everything.  Days like national bubble day, national sing in the shower day (okay, so I made that one up), national grilled cheese sandwich are a wonderful way to spend time with your kids having fun… [read more]