Keepsake Jewelry with JUVY Jewels – Review and Giveaway


  Disclosure: I received the follow products for review purposes at no cost to myself. No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions and thoughts are my own. I am what you call a girly-girl.  I love everything that is pink and frilly and sparkly.  So it comes to no surprise that I love jewelry.  Earrings,… [read more]

Both you and your daughter will look beautiful in this Double Braid Headband! – Hair Tutorial

braided headband2

  I first saw this hairdo on my husbands cousin and it was so cute that I had to try it out.  I loved it on my daughter but my husband said it made her look older than 6.  He thought it was cute but it was just an older hairdo I guess.  So while I… [read more]

Get on the Right Track to Beautiful Skin with Eucerin – Review and Giveaway


Disclosure: I received the follow products from the company for review purposes only at no cost to myself.  No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions and thoughts are my own. Do you have any “problem” areas with your skin?  If not, you’re lucky. My hands are very beat up.  They are dry, cracked, and are often bleeding.  My… [read more]

Get Whiter, Brighter Teeth with Rembrandt – Review

Disclosure: I received the follow products for review purposes at no cost to myself. No monetary compensation was provided.  All opinions and thoughts are my own. With spring in full swing and summer on it’s way I have been going crazy cleaning everything I can think of.  I’ve deep cleaned the house, cleaned out the closets,… [read more]

Girly Hairdo Tutorial – Triple Flip Ponytails

This hairdo is really quick and easy to do but it looks super adorable.  I call it a Triple Flip Pony Tails just becuase of how I do the pony’s.  You can do this hairdo with the topsy tail tool or you can try with out.  (my friend never uses one and her flip pony’s are adorable!)  This… [read more]

Girly Hairdo Tutorial – 3 Rope Braids Tutorial

I have two daughters and although my baby doesn’t have enough hair to do much with yet I have been doing my 5 year old daughters hair from the time I could get it into a pony tail. I just love doing her hair and creating new do’s. She attends dance 4 days out of a… [read more]

Don’t miss these affordable #SavvyGiftGuide stocking stuffer ideas for her!

target beauty makeup, stocking stuffer ideas for woman

When doing my holiday shopping one thing I often overlook until the last minute is stocking stuffer gifts. Thankfully, all it takes is a quick stop at Target and I’m covered. I’ve recently fallen in love with a few of Target’s new makeup lines.  This holiday season Target has several beauty items that would make… [read more]

A Fresh Fall Look Starts with a Great Smile!


The start of school after a long summer always makes me feel like it is a new year.  It is a new school year, I understand that, but I’ve always felt like the New Year was misplaced.  It should have been in September rather than January. Just like our kids want to go back to… [read more]

Frugal pampering? You bet! Ali’s Bling Box – Review


Moms. We spend all day attending to the needs of those around us.  We drool over cute clothes for our kids.  We spend the extra budget money on that toy the little one has been dying to have.  We all know it, we all say it, but it is true.  Generally speaking we put ourselves… [read more]

Beautiful Tyler Stained Glass Creations Jewelry, Review and Giveaway


There is something special about knowing your jewelry is one of a kind.  A quality piece of handmade jewelry is really a wonderful find. Mary Tyler of Tyler Stained Glass Creations makes wonderfully unique and stunningly beautiful jewelry pieces.  Both edgy and nostalgic at the same time, Tyler Stained Glass Creations will earn you compliments… [read more]

Tria Blue Light Acne Treatment Review + Before and After Photos!


Several weeks ago I wrote a post that I was trying out the Tria blue light acne treatment on my face.  Though I’m far from my pubescent years, I still have frequent breakouts along my jawline and on my neck. Ever since learning about blue light therapy for acne about a year ago I’ve been… [read more]

Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light- At home blue light acne therapy. Will it work for me?


I have a confession.  I’ve been plagued my whole adult life by something I thought was just a teenage problem.  Acne.  I had it when I was a teenager, much worse then I have it now, but I never thought that I’d have problems all the way into my 30’s. My outbreaks happen mostly on… [read more]

An Energy Bar that helps you feel great and your skin look great! Nimble Bar Review and GivAway!

Nimble Mothers Day Gift 5

Ahh, life just seems to keep getting busier and busier.  Isn’t that the way?  Whether you’re a mom or a working woman it seems that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  Unfortunately, all too often it is the essentials, like meals that fall victim to the tight schedule.  Whether… [read more]

Le Edge – The only exfoliating tool you’ll need. Review and GivAway!

Le Edge_box

Welcome to day 1 of…. During Fit 2 Be Moms we’ll be talking about fitness, health, and style.  Today I wanted to introduce you to a product that is fairly new to the US, but that both me and my husband now totally love. What is Le Edge? Le Edge is a hygienic personal exfoliating… [read more]