Estimation Station by Educational Insights- Review and #Giveaway!

As I’ve stated before, I LOVE homeschooling my children!  There really isn’t anything I like better than the unlimited time I get to spend with my children while teaching them and watching them teach themselves. Though I know it is important for them to be able to do things just because it needs to get… [read more]

Educational Insights GeoSafari Talking Globe

We recently returned from an extended vacation in San Diego, and much to my delight there was a large package waiting for me. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. My GeoSafari Talking Globe from Education Insights!! It seems that I frequently get questions from my kids, or things come up… [read more]

Education Insights Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet game (ages Pre-K +) -Review & GivAway

As a homeschooling mother, and as a mom who is interested in her children’s education, I am always looking for good fun ways to teach my little ones the ABC’s, letter recognition, letter sounds, etc.  Thus far, my favorite way to do that is with Dr. Suess’ ABC’s book.  Seriously love that book!  However, it really needs… [read more]

BLURT!!! from Educational Insights – Review and GivAway

Blurt from Educational Insights is one of those classic rambunciously fun games. I got it because I thought it would be a fun way for my 7 and 5 year old to expand their vocabulary. I meant to get the junior version, but forgot about that by the time I requested it. Oops! Even thought… [read more]

If your pet needs it, Mr. Chewy probably carries it! Review

As part of getting our “homestead” up and running we have been expanding our family quite a bit these past few months with animals. We have one 7 month old Australian Shepherd, two cats, and several chickens and guineas. We want to give our animals the best life possible as they fulfill their responsibilities at… [read more]